Collective Perks

Take advantage of our Collective perks.

When you are actively a part of the Collective community, you will be financially rewarded and get access to savings.

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We don’t take our use of the word ‘collective’ in our name lightly. To us, being a Collective means a genuine commitment to building a network of best-in-game businesses and service providers that we know our clients will benefit from.

We work closely with and provide in-depth training to the businesses we bring in to the Collective, so that you can expect uninterrupted quality no matter who you encounter across our network.

Through our innovative CollectiveCash program, you’ll receive payments for referring business through to those partnerships and services that make up the broader Collective.

Your CollectiveCash payments can then be spent in our Marketplace made up of the Collective businesses; from beauty salons to yoga studios to house cleaning and maintenance services and much more.

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Maintenance Subscription

At The Property Collective, we believe passionately that property management and enjoyable home ownership is best done proactively and strategically. That means not having to spend time worrying about the cost of maintenance services as they are required for your property.

We offer ongoing, reliable and guaranteed best-price maintenance services for your home, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, all on a monthly subscription. That means a flat monthly fee, with no more to pay.

Whether you’re a tenant looking to take the stress out of garden upkeep, or a landlord looking to avoid hefty call-out fees by taking that proactive approach to property maintenance, our maintenance packaging options are designed to suit your needs.

Prefer regular ongoing cleaning services rather than having to spend big when your property inspection rolls around? Keen to take the sting out of maintenance and repair costs for your home’s most valuable assets? This is the subscription for you.

We believe that this approach will afford our clients not only more time to spend on continuing to build wealth and thrive through property, but more time to spend enjoying life.

And that, after all, is what the Collective is all about.  

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Property Management Referral Network

Here at the Collective, we’re all about sharing in each other’s successes and building a community of people that thrive through property.

Through our unique referral program, we reward you for bringing people into the Collective community. When you refer someone to sign up their investment property with our industry-leading property management service, you’ll not only be referring them to a Collective of professionals obsessed with delivering an exceptional client experience, but you’ll be rewarded financially and access the ability to create a second income stream for yourself. It’s a win-win!

Get paid via one of our three convenient payment streams.
1. Trailing commission: You get paid a percentage of the rental income incrementally over a 24-month period
2. Profit Share: You get paid a share of the profit ongoing for the life of the management
3. Asset Share: You get a share of the asset value which you can cash out after a minimum timeframe has been reached

You can manage your referral network income through the use of our bespoke digital dashboard where you can access an at-a-glance visual on how your income is building.