The Collective Network

What's the Collective Network?

Staying true to our vision to truly share wealth and our motto ‘go far, together’, we are proud to offer The Collective Network: a community of handpicked professional practitioners. From stylists and brokers, to conveyancers, financial advisors and everything in between.

How it works

Refer properties and get paid referral payments, then progress to rent roll asset ownership as you continue to refer to gain true alignment.

step .1

We refer our clients to members of the Collective Network.

step .2

Collective Network members look after our clients.

step .3

We pay Collective Network members for referring investment properties to us to manage.

step .4

Collective Network members gain part ownership of the rent roll they have built through referrals.

step .5

We provide ongoing exposure for your brand to our extensive audiences ensuring we go far, together.

Tiered network membership structure

Referral partner
Get paid for referring investment properties for us to manage.
True alignment, wealth creation
Build a salable asset for referring investment properties to us to manage.

Let's go far, together.

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