Get your ideal tenant sooner: 5 tips to keep them from slipping away!

Are you a property owner eagerly waiting for the perfect tenant to come along? We get it – finding the right tenant for your investment property is crucial, but waiting too long can be counterproductive. In today's rental market, timing is everything, and hesitating to respond to tenant applications promptly might lead to missing out on a great tenant.

Good tenants have multiple options, and they are often approved for multiple properties simultaneously. Responding quickly to tenant applications is crucial to ensure you don't miss out on a great tenant. Here are five practical tips to ensure you secure your ideal tenant before someone else does.

1. Put us on speed dial:

We’re your partner in this journey, and staying in close communication is key. Add our number to your contacts and prioritise picking up our calls or returning missed calls promptly. If we've left a voicemail, don't delay—call us back as soon as possible.

2. Quality over quantity:

It's not always about the number of applications you receive; it's about the quality of applicants. Trust that we've thoroughly screened each applicant we present to you. The perfect tenant may not be in a large stack of applications, it could be the very first one.

3. Time is money:

Waiting indefinitely for the 'perfect' application can cost you in the long run. Every week without a tenant means lost income. While it's important to find the right tenant, our careful screening process ensures that you won't be presented with an unsuitable one. Don't let your property sit vacant for too long.

4. Be flexible on move-in dates:

Don't reject an applicant solely based on a move-in date that doesn't align perfectly with your schedule. By the time you find a tenant with your preferred move-in date, you could have already started collecting rent. Being a bit flexible can speed up the process.

5. Stay open-minded:

When reviewing tenant applications, keep an open mind. Avoid having a rigid idea of what the 'perfect' tenant looks like. Young tenants with no rental history or applicants with pets can turn out to be excellent tenants. Remember, tenants can always acquire pets later, and a lack of rental history doesn't indicate a bad tenant.

We're all about building lasting connections. When we bring you rental applications, it's not just paperwork to us; it's a promise. We want what you want: a tenant who pays on time and treats your place like their own.

Right from the start, we're working hard to find that perfect match for your property. But our job doesn't stop when the lease is signed. We understand that a good landlord-tenant relationship is built on trust and respect. Our goal is to keep that connection strong throughout the tenancy. We'll do our part to make sure your tenant keeps taking care of your property. With our support, you can expect a partnership that benefits both you and your tenant.

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