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Being a landlord with us

We’re so excited that you’re working with us here at The Property Collective. Our highly-trained and responsive team’s priority is making sure that we meet your expectations at every step of your investment and management journey with us.

With our mission to help people thrive through property, whether you’re renting out your first investment property or your fifth, you will actively benefit from the wealth of our knowledge, and the strength of the Collective network.

Take the time to understand more about the perks that you can access as a landlord with us; from maintenance subscriptions, CollectiveCash, and our unique referral program. We’re committed to working with you to achieve your goals and ultimately build wealth through property. We really are right beside you, every step of the way.

Got feedback at any point in your journey with us? We’d love to hear it. Get in touch using the form below, or speak directly with your property manager.

Landlord FAQ's

1. What are the costs involved in being a landlord, and how do I make money?

As a landlord renting out your property, you’ll no doubt be looking for maximum return on your investment. For information on what you can expect to earn from rent and what both your upfront and ongoing costs might look like, check out our guide to landlord costs and income.

Download our guide to landlord costs and income.

2. How do you find a tenant for my property?

Learn more about how we make sure we not only find a tenant, but find the right tenant for your property, including more about how we work with you to ensure you have absolute peace of mind, in our handy guide.

Download our guide to finding the right tenant.

3. What are my responsibilities when it comes to maintenance?

It’s crucial that as a landlord, you’re well informed about your responsibilities for maintaining the property, including knowing what constitutes an urgent maintenance issue, the process once your tenant has reported maintenance and things to consider when it comes to choosing a landlords insurance policy.

Download our guide for your property maintenance responsibilities.

4. My tenant wants to make modifications to the property. What do I do?

Modifications can be an important part of making your house feel like a home to your tenant. As a landlord, you need to be informed as to the kind of modifications your tenant might request and what happens to modifications when your tenant vacates. Understand more by reading our modifications guide.

Download our guide to modifications.

5. What happens when my tenant decides to move out?

Learn more about what happens when your tenant vacates the property, including how and when the property will be advertised, what the final inspection covers and how we prepare for your next tenant to move in. Check out the guide here.

Download our guide to vacating tenants.

6. Can my tenant have pets?

For many people, pets are a part of family life. Find out what you need to know about pets at your property, including your and your tenant’s rights and responsibilities for keeping an animal at the property, in our comprehensive guide.

Download our guide for pets in your property.

7. How can I build wealth through property investment?

We’re glad you asked! Our role as your property management agency is not only to look after your property, but ultimately to help you to achieve your property goals. Check out our guide for investing in property.

Download our guide for investing in property.

Do you have a rental guarantee?

We have a whole page of FAQs dedicated to the ins and outs of your rental guarantee.

Visit the page (English version)

Visit the page (Mandarin version)

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