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When it comes to property management, our integrated service offering enables our clients to share in opportunities ultimately, create wealth through property.

After spending years identifying gaps in traditional property management, our approach includes the convenience of services that are not typically available under a standard model. We’re talking maintenance packaging, streamlined ancillary services and support in the shape of mortgage broking, access to financial advice and more.

Put simply, The Property Collective is levelling up on the standards that you deserve from your property manager. We’re here to do much more than collect the rent and unblock the toilets (though we do that too.) We’ll vet your tenants, appraise your rentals, health check your portfolio and a whole lot more—all whilst keeping wealth creation at the forefront of our approach.

Our process

When you engage The Property Collective for your property management requirements, you’re unlocking the clout of a community of market-leading property practitioners. We work closely with you to develop an approach to managing your property that’s tailored to your investment goals.

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Step 1. Conduct pre-marketing research

We know that local market knowledge is critical to finding suitable tenants for your property. Our team of highly trained property management professionals take the time to research recent tenancies in your immediate area and interpret market conditions to understand pricing and demand.

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Step 2. Property maintenance and presentation advice

Our team of stylists and leasing agents may suggest ways you can spruce up your property and ensure you present it in its best light to quality potential tenants, to attract the best returns.

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Step 3. Marketing preparation and launch

Our in-house marketing team prepare a strategy that leverages our talented photography, videography, copywriting and graphic design teams to ensure we cast the widest net to attract the best tenants. We go live with marketing collateral that may include on-site signage, social and/or print media, portal advertising, letterbox drops or paid advertorials.

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Step 4. Open for inspections

With your property looking its best, and the marketing doing its work, we start inspections. With strict COVID-safe measures in place, we hold open homes at least once per week, and facilitate private viewings as required.

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Step 5. Weekly feedback

As part of our commitment to communicate regularly and transparently with you, we provide weekly feedback so you can keep up to date with activity surrounding your property; from numbers that have attended open homes to any feedback on the property (or price point) we’ve received.

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Step 6. Application follow-up and approval

As we start to receive applications for your property, we thoroughly vet and qualify prospective tenants; completing employment and reference checks to ensure we put forward only the most suitable candidates to you. From here, you select your preferred tenant. At this point, we also record a super detailed condition and inventory report for your property.

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Step 7. Tenant sign-up

We go through a thorough on-boarding process with new tenants to ensure they fully understand their responsibilities. Your tenants will sign the tenancy agreement and related documents, which will be provided to you via email.

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Step 8. Tenant on-boarding/move in

Your tenant moves into their new home – an exciting day for them! Whenever possible, we meet them at the property to provide a smooth transition and a great first impression of your property and their rental journey working in collaboration with you as the landlord, and us as the agent.

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Step 9. 14-day check in

We give your tenant a call to check in on their first couple of weeks in your property, ensure the move went well and remind them to return their condition and inventory report.

Happily, the completion of this process marks only the start of our journey together. As a valued member of the Collective, it’s our mission to redefine the standards that you deserve from property managers and we will continue to work with you to help you thrive through property.

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