Build to rent

From site acquisition through to 100% occupancy and ongoing asset management.

We can do part of it, help you do it or do it all.

If you’re interested in a long-term, stable investment in Canberra, this asset class could be the right fit for you, and we can help.

Our services

We can provide services across the whole build to rent development and management process, or help you with any part of it.

Our intimate understanding of the development process, highly rentable designs and the Canberra market means we can forecast the likely profitability, finance requirements and ongoing costs of any build to rent product. We’ll work to maximise your returns based on your project goals, timeline and finance constraints.
Site identification
Feasibility studies
Benchmarking reports
Financial risk analysis
We have over 25 years’ experience working with consultants on project design and renting properties at scale through various market cycles. As a result, we know what type of product appeals to which type tenant and the maximum amount of rent they’ll pay for it across every market in Canberra. We’ll bring together a consultant team to develop a highly rentable product making sure they stay on track, on budget and deliver on time.
Rentable design management
Design rentability review
Consultant team procurement
Consultant team management
Consultant collaboration
Consultant budget management and quality control
We've been involved in numerous projects over the last 25 years. Which means we have a thorough understanding of planning rules and regulations. We follow a streamlined process which ensures effective coordination of stakeholders. Our consultants closely manage the documentation so we we get your project through required government approvals as fast as possible.
DA stakeholder management
DA documentation review
We have a team of highly trained and specialised leasing consultants. The leasing team have experience in pricing rental properties in the Canberra market in order to achieve maximum returns. The extensive market research and returns modelling, including our 100% occupancy strategy will help to lower your risk profile for relevant financiers.  Our property marketing specialists will develop and execute a high impact leasing campaign for renting properties out at scale. Once on market we continue to analyse potential tenant feedback and sentiment in order to pivot our strategy throughout the leasing phase and keep up leasing momentum.
Market research
Finance risk management
Brand identity
Campaign implementation
Organic and paid social media
Buyer concierge
Leasing tools and collateral
Rental pricing structure and strategy
Marketing strategy
Tactical campaign planning
Public relations
Event management
Open homes
With our 20+ years combined experience across every property management role and strong involvement in the real estate industry we have been able to identify gaps in the traditional Property Management service offering both for lessors and tenants. Our asset management approach ensures we find ways to increase returns year on year through regular property health checks, maintenance management and ongoing automated tenant education. Through exceptional service and great communication, we make sure good tenants remain in place long term which help to reduce costs and property wear and tear.
Legislative compliance
Monthly reporting
Investment property health checks
Proactive and preventive maintenance plans
Asset registers
House rule development
Facilities management
Trade and services coordination

The types of build to rent
projects we work on



We understand the nuances and requirements of a build to rent project and are experts in streamlining operations to maximise returns.


Boarding houses

We have a thorough understanding of how amenities and facilities are structured for maximum return



We create real communities through design innovation and operational efficiencies.


Rent to buy

We support tenants who have buying capacity and educate them through to purchase. Benefiting both them and the developer

Our specialist areas

We get the complexities of development projects. They vary in size, risk, profitability and effort. Each comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. On top of all of that, there are different requirements and skillsets needed for each stage of the process. And each stage will impact the others, so having the right team on the project at every stage is essential to get the best possible return on your investment.

Project Management

We have a strong understanding of the development process and planning requirements. Plus our consultant connections and intimate understanding of the market means we can seamlessly manage any and every aspect of a project pivoting as we need to get the best possible outcome.

Data management

We get the importance of data. We analyse data for accuracy, compliance, and to extract valuable insights from. We use the insights to determine highly rentable property designs in order to achieve 100% occupancy as quickly as possible in all markets. We utilise the real time data updates aligned with operational processes to trigger educational tenant communications at key points of the renting journey, which enables at-scale management and tenant satisfaction.

Leasing team

We have implemented our 100% occupancy strategy across several multi-unit developments, with 160 apartments going to market at development completion. We integrate mass but personalised communications, strategic partner relationships and set up development specific websites that allow us to lease hundreds of properties out in a short timeframe only utilising a few apartments types and minimal portal listings.

Property investor market insights

Our partnership with property investment experts - Performance Property Advisory, means we get access to the most up-to-date predictive data on investing in the Canberra market, which we can then exclusively share with our clients. Plus our property management team and close relationships with high level strata experts allows us to see the investor market holistically and pick up on trends as they happen.

Property development technology

We use a unique combination of property development and property management software to manage data, processes, transactions, and relationships to suit your specific project. With the appropriate tech stack in place, we’ll centrally manage contracts, payments, inspections, maintenance  and communications.

Asset management team

Unlike traditional property management models, our approach strongly focusses on maximising returns, not just ticking boxes. Our team of highly trained asset managers know legislative requirements inside out, and are able to perform regular investment property health checks and develop strategies to meet annual returns goals. Their regular audits allow them to develop proactive and preventative maintenance plans and they implement these by teaming up with some of Canberra’s most reliable and affordable trades to ensure properties remain as profitable as possible.

Client concierge team

Our centralised operations and admin team manage all of the repetitive parts of the rental process that can be overlooked, or just not done effectively in a traditional model. The team makes sure that every move we make that affects the tenant is communicated clearly and they have all the info and tools at their fingertips to help them along their journey. Our concierge team also coordinate onsite inspections and common area management.

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