How healthy is your investment property?

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Are you a property investor making any of these common and expensive mistakes?

Ask yourself...


Are your tenants lowering or increasing your returns?


Are you getting what you pay for from the property management fee?


Are you spending more  on maintenance than you should be?

Not sure what the answers are to these questions?

Then you could be contributing to vacancy and lower returns on your investment property.

Having worked with thousands of investors over the last 25 year, we have seen it all. We've seen investors make profitable decisions and also very expensive mistakes.  

The good news is these mistakes are avoidable. We've compiled everything you need to know about the 4 biggest and most expensive mistakes property investors make. From this info, we've developed a quick action checklist to help you avoid making them.

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About the Investment Property Health Check.

Most investors we come across in Canberra will typically have one, maybe two investment properties that they have purchased to meet one or all of these goals.


Get into the market.


Offset tax.


Build a positively geared portfolio.

Every investor's goals differ and so does their financial and life situation. And all of these things can change year to year.

Investors should get an understanding of how well their investment property is meeting their current goals and situation every 12 months.