Laura Menzies

Meet Laura Menzies, The Property Collective's vibrant new Relationship Manager. While she may be new to the real estate industry, Laura brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of diverse experiences, combining her passions for property, design, and fostering genuine connections with people. She specialises in simplifying the complex and ensuring everyone she interacts with feels valued and respected.

Approaching her work with a blend of professionalism and authentic care, Laura treats every individual as equals, fostering relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Her career journey has been marked by diverse experiences, from climbing the ranks in the purchasing team at a luxury furniture store to serving her local community at Bondi Pavilion with Waverley Council. A serendipitous move from Bondi to Canberra led Laura to pivot into the real estate realm.

Outside of work, Laura finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether she's enjoying some solo grocery shopping, breaking a sweat in a Pilates class (or teaching one!), unwinding with a glass of wine among friends, or cherishing moments with her husband and daughter, Laura embraces each moment with enthusiasm and warmth. And fun fact: while many might not know, Laura has a secret array of coffee orders, reflecting her belief that variety truly is the spice of life.


Relationship Manager


Want to choose what you pay us to sell your property?

Of course you do, who wouldn’t?

Well, with us you can. You can choose what percentage you think we’re worth once we've sold your property.*

Not only are we all about getting you the highest possible price when we sell your property. We also want you have a bloody great experience during the process. This combo…it’s kind of our thing.

That’s why when we say you can pay us what you think we're worth, we mean it. How well we do our job is measured by you, and so it should be. If you're not over the moon with how we did, you can pay us a lower percentage. If we do a great job, pay us a higher percentage, it's as simple as that.  

Think of this approach as your fail safe (not that we’ll fail). So, you’ve got nothing to lose right?

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When entering an exclusive agency agreement with the Property Collective Australia, both the agent and client will determine a fair and equitable ranged commission based on the assumed selling price. This ranged fee will set the parameters for which the client is to determine what they pay us at settlement. The amount for which the client wishes to pay within the ranged fee must be clearly document in writing and provided to and the client's legal representative within 14 business days prior to settlement. Should the client withdraw the property from sale or engage another agency the balance of the marketing funds spent will be due in full. Clients will be eligible to pay us what they think we're worth through signing an exclusive agency agreement with The Property Collective Australia.
End of year free marketing offer terms and conditions: a minimum fee of 2.75% or at the agents' discretion. Standout marketing package value: $4,305. Agreement must be signed by December 31st, 2022. To be advertised online before 28th February 2023. Does not include the auctioneer's fee. If the property is withdrawn from market, then the cost of marketing spent is to be paid by the vendor.