We don’t take our use of the word ‘collective’ in our name lightly.

To us, being a Collective means a genuine commitment to building a network of best-in-game businesses and service providers that we know our clients will benefit from. We work closely with and provide in-depth training to the businesses we bring in to the Collective, so that you can expect uninterrupted quality no matter who you encounter across our network.

Through our innovative CollectiveCash program, you’ll receive payments for referring business through to those partnerships and services that make up the broader Collective. Your CollectiveCash payments can then be spent in the Market Place made up of the Collective businesses; from beauty salons to yoga studios to house cleaning services and much more.

Our range of rewards and perks will be rolled out throughout 2021. Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted!

Other Perks

Painting of walls in a blue colour. Repair in a house.

Maintenance subscription

Get ongoing, reliable, best price maintenance services for your home or investment property. All on a monthly subscription

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Property Management Referral Network

Refer people to sign up their investment property with us and create a second income stream.

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