In the know

With a 100+ years of combined industry experience, our dynamic Collective team know a thing or two, and we want to share that knowledge with you.

Building wealth through property

So, you’ve heard of property managers that unblock toilets, carry out inspections, collect the rent and (hopefully) generally make the process of renting out a property easier. But have you heard of property managers that help you build wealth? Here at the Collective, we are all about this shift...

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Real Estate Reimagined: Welcome to The Property Collective

There’s a new kid on the property block—and it’s turning the traditional way of doing real estate on its head.

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Our top tips for buying property in a heated market

A heated property market can make the experience of looking to buy a home both intense and overwhelming. Here at The Property Collective, we’re well acquainted with strategies that can give you an edge when it comes to getting over the line with a property in a competitive environment.

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Understanding your investment strategy options

We’re taking a look at two of the most common property investment strategies; capital growth, and positive cash flow. Let’s get into it.

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Don’t buy a property lemon!

It’s a common fear in almost everyone going through the process of buying property; the nagging question of ‘what if I’m buying a dud, here?!’ The fear of ending up with a sub-standard quality home is fuelled in part by a barrage of negative media about the construction industry, particularly in the new-build space. Here are our tips for avoiding the proverbial lemon.

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