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With a 100+ years of combined industry experience, our dynamic Collective team know a thing or two, and we want to share that knowledge with you.

7 expenses that you’ll need to budget for when selling your property

You might not realise all of the expenses that are all just a part of selling your property. Ensuring you budget for these is important. Here are seven expenses when selling that may otherwise catch you out.

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Why the cheapest commission is no way to choose your real estate agent

When it comes to selling your most valuable asset – your property – you want the best real estate agent, not the cheapest. Find out why you should never choose a real estate agent based on commission.

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What’s the value of my home? How do I find out?

What’s the difference between appraisals and valuations? And which one is really going to tell me how much my home is worth.

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8 tips that will help you win when buying at auction

Buying at auction can feel a little like a lottery unless you’re prepared. Being prepared (financially and emotionally) for Auction is the best way to bid with confidence. Here’s how.

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Building wealth through property

So, you’ve heard of property managers that unblock toilets, carry out inspections, collect the rent and (hopefully) generally make the process of renting out a property easier. But have you heard of property managers that help you build wealth? Here at the Collective, we are all about this shift...

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