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With a 100+ years of combined industry experience, our dynamic Collective team know a thing or two, and we want to share that knowledge with you.


Don't let the pandemic dampen your property ambitions

Buyers and sellers are asking how the pandemic and the lockdown in Canberra is having an impact on prices after a 12-month period in which time the median value cracked the 1-million-dollar mark.

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Topic overview from our recent Canberra Property Investor Evening

The lucky attendees of our Canberra Property Investment Evening on the 12th of May got the opportunity to hear directly from property investment experts - Performance Property Advisory. They revealed the most up-to-date predictive data on investing in the Canberra property market. Here's an overview of the info that was covered at the event.

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Real Estate Reimagined: Welcome to The Property Collective

There’s a new kid on the property block—and it’s turning the traditional way of doing real estate on its head.

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