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8 tips that will help you win when buying at auction

Buying at auction can feel a little like a lottery unless you’re prepared. Being prepared (financially and emotionally) for Auction is the best way to bid with confidence. Here’s how.

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Our top tips for buying property in a heated market

A heated property market can make the experience of looking to buy a home both intense and overwhelming. Here at The Property Collective, we’re well acquainted with strategies that can give you an edge when it comes to getting over the line with a property in a competitive environment.

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Don’t buy a property lemon!

It’s a common fear in almost everyone going through the process of buying property; the nagging question of ‘what if I’m buying a dud, here?!’ The fear of ending up with a sub-standard quality home is fuelled in part by a barrage of negative media about the construction industry, particularly in the new-build space. Here are our tips for avoiding the proverbial lemon.

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