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Tips to help you sell during lockdowns

Selling your property during this latest lockdown is not “mission impossible”. There are many technologies and techniques to help you maximise the value of your home despite the pandemic. Lockdown can be a great time to sell. Genuine buyers never stop looking but as some owners get anxious and pull out of the market they’ll have fewer properties from which to choose. This means the in-balance between supply and demand will work in your favour even more.

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Five great reasons to upsize your home

Your decision to upsize to a larger family home will be one of the most significant commitments of your life – and it’s essential to be clear on what you want and need. Check out the most common reasons why people decide to upsize. You might be surprised at some of them, but they can help be a springboard to clarify your own thinking.

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The ultimate downsizing checklist

Downsizing is incredibly liberating if you feel like you’re rattling around a large family home that once used to be full of noise and laughter but now sits mostly empty because the children have left the nest. While there’s a sadness to these situations, it can be an exciting time in which you’re able to create space in your life for new adventures.

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Seven hints that it's time to downsize

Your decision to downsize from the family home often starts with a nagging thought in the back of your mind. Perhaps your family home is starting to feel empty, or a little too big, and its maintenance may be becoming a real chore or cause for stress.

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Don't let the pandemic dampen your property ambitions

Buyers and sellers are asking how the pandemic and the lockdown in Canberra is having an impact on prices after a 12-month period in which time the median value cracked the 1-million-dollar mark.

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7 expenses that you’ll need to budget for when selling your property

You might not realise all of the expenses that are all just a part of selling your property. Ensuring you budget for these is important. Here are seven expenses when selling that may otherwise catch you out.

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Why the cheapest commission is no way to choose your real estate agent

When it comes to selling your most valuable asset – your property – you want the best real estate agent, not the cheapest. Find out why you should never choose a real estate agent based on commission.

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What’s the value of my home? How do I find out?

What’s the difference between appraisals and valuations? And which one is really going to tell me how much my home is worth.

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