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Don't let the pandemic dampen your property ambitions

Buyers and sellers are asking how the pandemic and the lockdown in Canberra is having an impact on prices after a 12-month period in which time the median value cracked the 1-million-dollar mark.

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Why property investors should appreciate depreciation at tax time

At tax time it pays dividends if you’re an investor to spend a little time learning the financial arts of being a landlord. It can be a significant benefit to understand the principles of depreciation and capitalisation and write-offs.

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Nine-point strategy to find your ideal investment property

Finding a great investment property requires due diligence, strategy, and a strong understanding of your financial situation. You need to be on top of the expected outgoings, potential earnings, tax obligations as well as the tax benefits that may be applied through negative gearing and write-offs.

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What you need to know about buying an investment property through your super fund

Buying an investment property through a self-managed super fund has become a popular way to transact, especially for those who aim to retire in the next decade or so. But seeking professional financial advice before committing to a purchase, plus exemplary attention to detail when it comes to the paperwork, are essential to avoid mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars in taxes and land you in trouble with the tax office.

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Building wealth through property

So, you’ve heard of property managers that unblock toilets, carry out inspections, collect the rent and (hopefully) generally make the process of renting out a property easier. But have you heard of property managers that help you build wealth? Here at the Collective, we are all about this shift...

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Understanding your investment strategy options

We’re taking a look at two of the most common property investment strategies; capital growth, and positive cash flow. Let’s get into it.

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